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Thrice Trumpeted Truths - CLEARLY spoken 3 times
By J. Mark Holland. This 140 page book is a search and find adventure, finding and summarizing many of the Bible's triples. More than 100 are identified. It is a must read for both scholar and skeptic. Anyone who knows little about the Bible's teachings will be informed concerning most of the foundational truths of Scripture. For the scholar - the patterns of triples are awesome as God's Word CLEARLY speaks 3 times and confirms the truths as being a CERTAINTY.

Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades: and What You Can Do About It
By Sylvia Rimm. This 400 page book offers a six-step program for reversing underachievement. Written for both parents and teachers.

Why Johnny Can't Tell Right from Wrong
By William Kilpatrick. A documented analysis of the current moral illiteracy and the case for Character Education.

The Ten Commandments: The Significance of God's Laws in Everyday Life
By Dr. Laura Schlessinger. "Each commandment asserts a principle, and each principle is a moral focal point for real-life issues relating to God, family, sex, work, charity, property, speech, and thought."
Is it any wonder many modern thinkers want these Commandments removed from the school house?

How to Grow a Young Music Lover
By Cheri Fuller. When is my child ready for music lessons?
How can our family enjoy music inexpensively?
Where do I find games, activities, and musical recordings and videos that will be fun for my kids - and help them learn too?

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Can Man Live Without God
A 200 page scholarly treatise examining the results of mankind's abandonment of the God who constantly seeks any individuals that will respond to His evidenced love and concern.

Buried Alive: The Startling Truth About Neanderthal Man
By Jack Cuozzo. "A research book that will clutch the attention of scientists and laypersons alike, for the Neanderthal Family has finally come forth to tell a shocking story."

The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind and Unlock the Creative Spirit
Don Campbell has researched the value of music for the child's developing mind. He has studied its effects on typical children and also those with special needs. The results have shaken the world of education. This is a book that will unlock the creative spirit of any parent, teacher, or grandparent.

The Mozart Effect for Children: Awakening Your Child's Mind, Health, and Creativity with Music
Don Campbell's latest book. No parent, teacher, school, or library should be without this book. "Jean Piaget recognized music as an innate intelligence ready to unfold between the third and fourth year of life."
"Researcher Janellen Huttenlocher of the University of Chicago has found that only live language, not television, boosts children's vocabulary and syntax." (p86)
"And language learning, in its primary sensory-motor form, begins around the fifth uterine month, when the infant begins making muscular responses to the phonemes (or 'phonics,' if you like) of the mother's language." (pxiii)
"And Plato said that if he could choose the music young people listened to and performed, he could determine the society they would bring about." (pxiii)

Our Country's Founders, A book of Advice for Young People
Edited, with commentary, by William J Bennett. This book takes us back to our founding principles and points us in the direction of what we must do to make America endure and live up to its great potential.

The Family Book of Christian Values:...
A collection of more than 200 readings for the entire family, including Susanna Wesley's, "Raising Responsible Children."
A Note: After publication of this book, Bennet was accused of gambling in Las Vegas. However, he did not include gambling as a vice. Possibly the liberal accusers are saying that it should have been included and that gambling IS a vice!!!

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Webster's Dictionary of American Authors
More than 2,500 entries provide comprehensive coverage.
Concise biographies, descriptions of literary works, articles on literary movements.

Escape from Reason by Francis A. Schaeffer.
This book, written more than 30 years ago traces the decline of American and world culture: to the Theater of the Absurd to Madness. It calls for a return to rationality and faith stating that the Bible can stand on its own. He asserts that the Bible is the source of the knowledge we need!!!
In the Foreword, Schaeffer states: Some may be surprised that in analyzing the trends in modern thought I should begin with Aquinas and work my way forward from there. .. Only when this has been done are we ready to go on to the practical aspects of how to communicate unchanging truth in a changing world.

A Shattered Visage - The Real Face of Atheism
Is the religion of atheism alive and well or is it weak and without foundation in reality?

Refuting Evolution
By Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D.
This book is a response to the National Academy of Science's defense of evolutionary theory: from mud to man.


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